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Our passion is to offer financial freedom to underserved markets

Letter from the CEO

Our business model


Experience in scaling financial technology businesses. Deep technical and operational expertise.


We use technology to offer underserved customers easy, fair and safe access to credit. Use of shared services to set up new businesses in an cost efficient manner.


Building new companies and scale them by leveraging the Alva´s ecosystem
Consistent returns across all proven market leading companies.


Netgíró was founded with a vision to create safer and simpler online and in store shopping. We do this by allowing the consumer to receive the goods first and pay afterwards while we assume the risk with our high-tech solutions.


Aktiva is a transparent market place for consumer loans.  By connecting borrowers and investors directly, users avoid the excessive costs of traditional banking and the savings are passed on to them.


Inkasso is a Credit Management Services (CMS) company. Our services cover every stage of these services, from reminders, amicable domestic collection to debt surveillance of written-off receivables

Our mission

Our mission is to become world’s largest platform in financial technology outside US and China!
We identify proven Financial technology business models that focus on custom-tailored financial services and create long-term benefits for our users.. We build companies around these models and then scale them to a leading position in our markets.

We want people who can solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big!

Alva ehf.
Borgartún 27, 105 Reykjavík Iceland

Moberg d.o.o
Strojarska 20, 13th floor, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia


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