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Letter from the CEO: 2017
by Skorri Rafn Rafnsson on March 8, 2017

To our Employees and Business Partners,
With another successful year ending, it’s worth to take a few minutes for a quick summary:

1. Business

Since the beginning of the year 2016, we managed to grow loan originations and revenue by approximately
100%. We managed to outperform the targets we set ourselves as part of an ambitious business plan and accomplished all of that with less costs than planned.

2. Products

We sold Heimkaup, Hópkaup and then later in the year Bland, we managed to generate a fair amount of profit with those sales. We bought Vergo that operates Mynta collection system and got bunch of geniuses in our team with that. Additionally, we successfully established “Aktiva” as a new platform for peer to peer (P2P) lending in Iceland, offering installment-based consumer credit.

In Netgiro we simplified Netposi, various POS system integrations, got big merchants like WowAir onboard, passed a security audit from Syndis, got a new funding partner and more…

We are looking forward to launch new exciting features soon.

3. Team

All achievements this year were only possible because of the great people that is Alva. We are now more than 50 people, located in 3 different locations around the globe (Iceland, Croatia and Bosnia). I’m extremely proud of all the smart and talented people we have on board!

Our journey together is just beginning There are extremely exciting times ahead as we will continue redefining banking!

Alva ehf.
Borgartún 27, 105 Reykjavík Iceland

Moberg d.o.o
Strojarska 20, 13th floor, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia


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